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What Are Points To Consider When Buying A Garage Door Opener?

01/03/2014 Back To Blog

A garage door opener can be complicated at times due to its high level of technology in its functioning. When buying a garage door opener in Port Chester you should consider the following points so as to ensure that you buy the best that will give you quality services.

Some of the points to consider include;

Analyzing the openers motors

There are some motors which are designed such that they obtain their power directly instead of through alternating current. Those that use power from the direct source tend to be more economical as they use less electricity. Their speed is also relatively high as compared to those that use alternating current. The good thing about this DC openers is that their speed can be regulated using a remote control.

Safety of the opener should also be considered

The opener should have an automatic reverse mechanism if it touches anything beneath. This helps to increase the safety of a child who might be playing under the garage door. Cables that join the electricity should also be secured so as to ensure electric shock cases are reduced.

Manual operation

The opener should allow manual operation. This is to ensure that in case of a power blackout, the garage door can still be operated manually so as to allow the normal activities in the garage. Manual operation is also necessary during the maintenance. It is easy to detect a malfunctioning part when operating the door manually rather than when operating using electricity.

When buying an opener, it is necessary for you to do it so as to satisfy your psychological part. An outdoor keypad or a switch is also recommended as it allows normal operation when the remote control is not functioning properly. Mechanism should also be considered. This is because there are some openers which are usually noisy as compared to others. Those that use rubbers instead of chains are more convenient. Other factors such as design, price, and material should also be considered. Professional installation is recommended as garage door openers require more advanced skills for them to operate normally.

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