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Thing You Should Know About Garage Door Repair

01/03/2014 Back To Blog

The overhead garage door is the biggest and most utilized door in the home. It weighs hundreds of pounds and is very susceptible to issues because of the high frequency of use. It is wise to perform regular maintenance and repairs in order to keep your garage door running smoothly. Here are several things to consider before getting started.


Because they are so heavy, their functionalities solely rely on the capacity of the motor as well as other components. If too much weight is applied during operation, the components may break and even cause failure to the motor. Do not hang object on the door or on the garage door tracks such as flower pots or clothes hangers. This can block the pathway, obstruct the horizontal track flow, and disable the door from functioning properly.

Torsion Springs

The most frequent problems that occur are garage door spring issues. They deal with the garage opening mechanism of the door. The tremendous weight puts intense pressure on the torsion springs, cables and other components that are linked to the springs. Springs that are damaged are the primary reason for common malfunctions in addition to garage door injury.

Adjusting and Replacing Springs

If you have to adjust or replace the torsion coil springs on the door, it is important to service both springs, even if only one spring needs servicing. The type and weight of your door will determine the spring type, length, and size you will need. Consult a garage door company in the area if you are unsure of which kind you need.

Operating a Broken Door

It is quite risky to continue using it if it is malfunctioning. It can result in personal injury to the operators, kids, and pets. It often results in vehicle damage as well. If the door is not operating properly, take time to get it repaired.

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